Welcome to Solacia, home to legends and wonder!

Inside the Abraxis System, many light-years distant from the Earth we are familiar with exist two habitable worlds. A colony ship from Earth was dispatched centuries previous, yet all records of that ship were lost. The survivors of that ship were believed dead. In reality, that ship had crashed on the planet known now as Harbinger; and over the intervening centuries had spread to the neighboring planet known as Solacia. While traditional space flight was impossible, travel between the worlds became possible when the unique trait combining them was discovered. The two worlds shared a special orbit that caused the planets to get close enough to share atmospheres for a day or two every year. Using special atmospheric craft called ‘Heaven-Jumpers’, travel between the planets was possible. The worlds were unique in other ways as well. Populating the worlds were hundreds of different alien races seemingly drawn from Earth mythology, albeit portrayed somewhat differently. These races accepted the human colonists with suspicion at first, but as time passed the humans became little more than one more part of the tapestry of life on these worlds. However, the introduction of advanced space-age technology and weapons to this ecosystem did quickly trigger a power imbalance. The inhabitants of Harbinger renamed their planet Eden, and began to hoard the advanced tools and supplies left over from the Earth ship. The ‘Heaven-Jumpers’ stopped bringing new colonists and building materials, and the dissent on Solacia quickly spread planet-wide. After nearly a century with no contact, the inhabitants of Solacia had regressed back to a medieval level of technology, and were possessed by a deep hatred of Harbinger and a superstition of nearly every technological marvel still in existence. Due to a fluke of Solacia’s unique radiation, the genetic manipulations done centuries earlier had created beings capable of ‘magic’; but ironically the very technology that had created them, while readily available to the citizens of Harbinger, was useless as their world was free of that same radiation. So while ‘wizards’ and ‘monsters’ were borne on Solacia, the highly advanced ‘Edenites’ were unaltered and forced to rely on their technology instead. This led to a strong jealousy on the part of some, and led to a desire to reconnect and defend their ‘lesser’ brethren on the part of the others. Soon, Harbinger was embroiled in a civil war. On one side, the forces of the Temel Rahj. Known as ‘Allies of the Outsiders’ in the Edenite tongue, the Temel Rahj sought to control the powers and planet beneath them. Fiercely contesting them were the armies of the Utoperium, an ‘enlightened’ empire built with the purpose of ‘freeing’ their lost brethren beneath them from the ‘tyranny’ of the Dark Ages. To save them, they first had to control them, or so the old canard went. So for the first time in decades ships came through the atmosphere-bridge, with leaders from both factions who sought to rally the inhabitants of Solacia against one another. And behind them, a devious plot was being played out that would forever alter the planets Harbinger and Solace-and the fate of Earth-for all time.
You are the heroes of that legendary tale, born on the surface of Solacia and raised in this time of great strife. Your actions will alter the very universe, so choose wisely and bravely. Will you battle the darkness that lies behind the worlds? Or will you seek adventure across the planets and into space beyond? These paths and more lay open to you, adventurers into magic and mystery, when you enter Solacia!

Legends of Solacia

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